When you come up with a new invention idea but have never been involved in inventing before, it can seem a bit daunting. For many new inventors, one of the key issues is working out what to do with the new invention idea. Many are unaware of how the process works and what they need to do. As a result, a lot of people end up giving up on their great ideas rather than moving forward with them.


It is important to keep in mind that there are providers that can help, and they specialize in working with new inventors. This includes providers such as InventHelp, which provides a packaged new inventions service that can prove invaluable to those who are entering the world of new inventions for the very first time. By turning to the right provider, you can make the whole process bother easier and more manageable, and this means that you can look forward to a more enriching first experience as an inventor.

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Of course, there are no guarantees of success in the world of inventions, and you should never assume that there are. Providers such as InventHelp are there to provide you with support, guidance, and access to resources as well as practical help. They are not there to provide you with false promises and guarantees of success, and any company that does this should be treated with caution.


If you have not heard about InventHelp before, you naturally want to learn as much as you can before making any commitment. It is wise to do this with any provider you are considering using, as you need to ensure you make the right decisions and choices with something as important as your first invention.


Looking at InventHelp reviews and information can make it easier for you to learn all about this provider, how it operates, and how you can benefit by turning to these professionals. This can also give you a better idea of whether this is the right provider for your specific needs, which means that you can make a more informed decision.


So, read on to learn more about InventHelp and the potential benefits of turning to these pros.


What You Need to Know About InventHelp


It is important to learn as much as you can about this provider before you make any decisions with regard to whether it is the right provider for you. As such, looking at common questions and answers from others can prove invaluable. This is a great way to find out more and learn about how the provider operates. You can then better determine whether this is the right provider for your needs when it comes to finding professionals to help you with your first invention journey.


So, let’s take a look at some common questions to help you to find out more about this provider:


Is InventHelp a Big Company?

One of the things that is always of interest to new inventors who are looking for a suitable provider is whether InventHelp is a big company. Many prefer to work with a provider that has a strong presence and a solid background in the field. Well, the good news is that InventHelp ticks all of these boxes.


With a presence in more than 65 cities in the United States and Canada, this is a company that has a long and respected reputation in the field. With its headquarters in Pennsylvania, the company employs many specialists and professionals with the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help new inventors with their journeys. The company has been around for close to four decades, so it has managed to hold its own in what has become a very competitive market.


So, if you are worried about how big and experienced the provider is, there is no need to be concerned. You can rest assured that the company has a strong presence as well as a respected and solid reputation.


Does InventHelp Have a Solid History?

Another thing that many people are keen to find out is whether the provider has a solid history when it comes to supporting new inventors with new invention ideas. Well, with nearly 40 years of experience, there is definitely a solid history and background with this provider. If you are looking for a company with a solid track record, you will be pretty impressed with what InventHelp can offer.


The company was established in the mid-1980s, and since then, it has helped many new inventors by providing support, guidance, access to resources, and practical assistance. You will find a wide range of reviews online too, and this enables you to learn more about the history and background of the company as well as get more of an idea about experience levels and track record.


Over the decades, InventHelp has developed a strong and solid reputation for helping new inventors to move forward with their ideas. This means that you can benefit from greater reassurance when you turn to the team for help with your own new invention journey.


What Is InventHelp's Reputation Like?

Following on from the last question, the reputation of this company is solid and lengthy, as it has such a strong background in the field. When a company has been around for 40 years, you know that it is doing something right. It can be difficult to survive in today’s competitive world as a business unless you are ticking all the boxes, so you can be confident that the provider has gained its solid reputation for all the right reasons.


Again, looking at reviews from other inventors who turned to the InventHelp team can give you a better idea of what the provider’s reputation is like. Naturally, you want to see unbiased opinions about any provider you are considering using, and checking out online reviews gives you the chance to achieve this goal with greater ease.


Over the decades, this provider has gained a solid reputation for not only providing support and guidance to new inventors but also offering valuable practical assistance to aid them on their initial invention journeys.


How Does InventHelp Operate?

Naturally, most new inventors who are considering using InventHelp are eager to know how the company operates. Most are unaware of how the new invention process works, which is why they are turning to experts. The InventHelp service is based on the packaging of an invention idea, and there are various processes that are included as part of the service.


With thousands of companies on its database, InventHelp can ensure your invention idea is reviewed by relevant businesses in a timely manner. All of the companies on the database are interested in finding fresh talent and reviewing the ideas of new inventors. So, this does give you a head start compared to trying to go it alone.


There are many other things that the InventHelp team does in order to assist new inventors as part of the process. This includes everything from referring you to a legal expert for patent protection to assisting you with a prototype, providing guidance and support, and more. You can benefit from a comprehensive service that is designed to streamline the process and make your journey more enjoyable and manageable.


Does InventHelp Guarantee Success?

Earlier in this article, we mentioned that there are no guarantees of success in the world of new inventions and that it would be remiss of any company to extend this sort of guarantee. As such, you will never receive any guarantee of success from the team at InventHelp, as it is not possible for them to do this.  Making false promises is not what the team is about – it is all about support, guidance, and practical help.


If you come across any new invention services provider that guarantees success (at a price, of course), you are advised to steer well clear. Some unscrupulous providers will raise hope and make false promises such as this, and these are the ones you need to keep away from. Fortunately, InventHelp does not make false promises like this, and it would be unethical of them to do so.


What Is the Cost of Using InventHelp?

Another thing that a lot of new inventors want to know is what it will cost them to get help from the experts. Naturally, this is something that you will want to find out, as it will affect your finances. As a business, InventHelp does have to charge a fee for services, otherwise, it would be unable to function. There is a small fee, and this is based on the individual case or project, so the pricing can vary.


The good news is that InventHelp prides itself on transparency, and this means you do not have to worry about hidden costs and fees. All costs are outlined at the start before any contracts are signed or any commitments are made. Therefore, you can ensure you are completely happy with the costs involved before moving forward with your agreement and journey.


The key thing to remember is that you don’t have to worry about hidden fees, which is often a problem with less reputable providers. You will know from the start what the costs will be, and you can therefore make an informed decision.


Can I Make Money from My Invention?

A lot of new inventors naturally want to make money from their inventions, and they are keen to know if InventHelp can make this happen. Well, this comes back to the provider being unable to guarantee the success of your invention. If your invention does well in commercial markets, you can make money. If it does not do well, then you are unlikely to make money. InventHelp cannot help you to make money from your invention, as they cannot guarantee the success of the invention.


What they can do, however, is provide you with the support and guidance that you need in order to move forward with your invention journey. This is something that can prove invaluable if you want to ensure everything is done by the book and you want to open up new opportunities for yourself.


Does InventHelp Offer Protection?

Many new inventors are concerned about the security of their information and details pertaining to their new invention idea. Naturally, no new inventor wants the details of their idea leaked so that they could fall into the wrong hands. This is something that can cause a lot of worry for some people.


You will be pleased to know that InventHelp does have stringent measures in place to ensure the security and protection of your information. This means that you can be confident that the details of your invention idea are secure and confidential.


As a new inventor, one of the risks you might face is someone else coming up with the same idea as you and patenting it before you get the chance. Another risk is that someone might actually take your idea and claim it as their own, which could leave you in a very difficult situation. It is natural, therefore, that you want the details of your idea to be safe and secure.


With confidentiality agreements and other protocols in place, InventHelp ensures that the details of your invention are kept safe. So, you do not have to worry about them being leaked and falling into the wrong hands.


Can My Invention Be Promoted by InventHelp?

One of the questions people often ask is whether InventHelp will actually actively promote their invention idea or creation. Well, the professionals at this company do attend trade shows and events. However, this tends to be more for promoting the company as a whole so that more businesses take an interest in relation to reviewing the ideas of new inventors. In addition, it gives them the chance to network and aid the growth of the business, which also benefits the new inventors that work with InventHelp.


They do not tend to promote specific inventors or inventions at these events. However, they do submit new invention ideas to relevant companies from their database, so this is one of the ways in which your invention idea is promoted by the provider.


Will InventHelp Give Me Opinions About My Idea?

Some new inventors are unsure about their idea, and they seek the opinions of others. It is fine to ask your friends, family, and other people you know to see what they think. But what about the team at InventHelp – can they offer opinions? Well, the answer to this is an emphatic ‘no’ as it would not be professional nor ethical of them to do this.


You should not expect any opinions about your idea from the team at InventHelp. They are there to support and guide you, not to offer their personal thoughts on the ideas you come up with. So, if you are keen to see what others think, focus on your friends and family members, as professionals in this capacity cannot provide you with their own opinions.


How Does InventHelp Assist New Inventors?

Of course, most people want to know how InventHelp can assist new inventors. There are actually many different ways in which this provider is able to assist you as a new inventor, and this is why a lot of newbies turn to this company for assistance with their new invention idea.


We will look more closely at the benefits of using InventHelp further down this article, but there are lots of ways in which the company can assist you. Some of the key ways in which they can help are:


Providing guidance and support

Assisting with practical processes

Providing access to tools and resources

Submitting your idea for review to a database of companies

Helping to keep your confidence and motivation levels up

Using their years of expertise to assist you


The above is just a summary of the ways in which this provider can assist you as a new inventor.


What Sort of Practical Help Can I Expect?

While the support and guidance that you get from InventHelp can prove invaluable, you can also expect practical assistance with some key processes involved. One of these is getting patent protection for your invention idea, and this legal protection is very important if you want to reduce the risk of issues. By referring you to a legal expert, the team can help to ensure you get the protection you need for your invention.


Another practical form of assistance offered is helping with your prototype. When you have a prototype, you can show people something tangible rather than just talking about your idea. This can help to generate more interest from people such as business owners and managers or potential investors. Getting assistance from the team means that you can ensure you have the ideal prototype to impress others.


What Benefits Can I Expect?


So, now that we have looked at some of the common questions and answers about InventHelp, we can move on to the types of benefits that you can expect when you turn to these professionals. There are lots of benefits for new inventors to look forward to when they bring this company on board to help with their first journey. Some of the main ones are:


Getting Valuable Support When You Need It

One of the major ways in which you can benefit as a new inventor is by getting valuable support from the experts during your first journey. New inventors with no experience in this field can feel very lost and confused, as there is so much involved in the new inventions process. However, with the right team on hand, you can get support and guidance whenever you need it. This can make a huge positive difference to your experience and can help to ensure you stay on track with your first invention journey.


The Experience and Expertise of the Professionals

When inventors decide to go it alone for their first experience, they often have nobody to turn to for support and help. When you turn to the team at InventHelp, you not only have support available when you need it, but you also get to draw on the expertise and experience of professionals who have been in the industry for years.


This expertise can prove invaluable to new inventors, and it means that they can turn to people who have an in-depth knowledge of the new invention process as well as access to a wide range of tools and resources.


Practical Assistance with Important Processes

As discussed earlier, there is a lot of practical assistance needed on your first invention journey, as there are key tasks that need to be performed. Another huge benefit you get when you turn to the InventHelp team is practical help with processes such as getting your prototype sorted out and getting proper legal protection in place through a patent lawyer.


If you want to ensure everything is done by the book and that you stay on track through your invention journey, having assistance with practical processes is vital. This is exactly what you will get from the InventHelp team, and this can make a huge positive difference when it comes to your first invention experience.


Help with a Range of Tasks

The diversity of the support you get from the team is also hugely beneficial, and it means that you won’t have to worry about feeling lost or not knowing what to do next. The InventHelp team can assist you with all tasks involved during your journey, which means that you will have support and help with tasks from start to finish.


Again, this is something that can be very reassuring for new inventors, as most have no idea what steps they need to take. When you have someone to turn to for help with a variety of processes during your first journey, it can make all the difference.


Submissions to Get Your Invention Idea Reviewed

A very important benefit of using InventHelp is that it gives you the opportunity to get your invention idea reviewed by companies on their database. With thousands of businesses keen to review the ideas of fresh talent, this can give you a huge advantage over new inventors that decide to go it alone.


As many inventors will know from experience, getting businesses to take an interest and review ideas can be very difficult. Stiff competition in all industries has made this even harder. However, having a team of professionals with access to a database of interested customers gives you the edge and means that you can get your idea reviewed with far greater ease and convenience.


A More Exciting and Enriching Journey

When you embark upon your first journey as a new inventor, you do not want it to be fraught with stress and frustration. However, if you do not have the right support, this can easily happen. There is nothing more likely to put you off ever inventing again than a bad first experience! With the support of the InventHelp team, you can avoid this.


With the right support and guidance, you can look forward to a first experience that is far more enjoyable and exciting. This means that you are more likely to feel motivated to move forward with your journey and take it all the way to the end. In addition, it is far more enriching, as you can learn from the experts as you go along. This can then benefit you for future invention endeavors, which means that you will continue to reap the rewards of your first experience.


Making an Informed Decision


Hopefully, the information above has helped you to learn more about InventHelp, what the team does, how it can help, and how you can benefit. Getting all of this information before you make any decisions can prove very helpful. It means that you can get a far better idea of what to expect, and you can then make a more informed decision.


Your first invention journey is a very important one, and it can have a direct impact on your future. It can even impact whether or not you decide to continue inventing. This is why you need to make sure you have the right people to help you, and that you do everything you can to enjoy a positive first experience. This is something that can be aided by turning to the right professionals.


Thanks to the experience and expertise of InventHelp coupled with its solid reputation and track record, you can move forward with confidence when you have these professionals on board. Having support from the start of your first journey until the very end is something that can prove invaluable. While there is a fee for the service, you can see from the details outlined above that you get a huge amount of support and many benefits. So, you should see this as an investment in your future.