How can I get a patent?


The patenting process can vary from one inventor to the next, but the typical process looks like this, according to the United States Patent & Trademark Office.


Determine the type of intellectual property InventHelp protection that you need.


Search to see if your InventHelp Prototype invention has already been publically disclosed.


If you are not experienced at performing patent searches, InventHelp Startups a registered attorney or agent is recommended.


It is possible, though difficult, InventHelp Inventions for you to conduct your own search. Determine what kind of patent you need.


There are three types of patents – utility, design, and plant. Get ready to apply. This includes paying your application fees, InventHelp Idea  determining if you want to file a InventHelp Patent provisional or nonprovisional application, InventHelp Inventors and deciding if you want to hire a patent attorney or agent.


Prepare and submit your initial application. InventHelp Invention Ideas Work with your examiner. Receive your approval If the examiner determines that your application is in satisfactory condition and meets the requirements, InventHelp Innovation you will receive a notice of allowance.


Maintain your patent. InventHelp Technology There are fees and processes to maintain your patent.